Function Remove ... From ... -> dead end?

Back to basics - while doing the wonderful course on, I encounter something odd on t19:42 - using the function Remove … From … in a calculation step.

For the second part, it says: no available options. While I followed the exact steps in this video.

Has this function changed over time? Or am I missing a step?

Thanks for checking!

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Hi @ronald,

We will dive into this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


I am actually encountering the same issue. No matter which lists I try to use the function with and in whatever way, I keep getting the message “No available options”. Any idea when this will be functional?

Hey @rick and @ronald,

We are actively working on this and it should be in the next release. Depending on your subscription level it may be rolled out to your instance later (we release enterprise subscriptions last, for example).