Replace function and specific value for “in”

the replace function for calculations does not allow the usage of specific value for its third option “in”

I was hoping to use replace to do the following

replace [placeholder] with dataitem in fixed text which includes [placeholder] in it

so I can store this created sentence in a dataitem instead of having to recreate it over and over

I know that you can do placeholder stuff on the fly in text boxes, but this a text I wish to display in a data table

strangely enough if I declare the “in” to be another function such as combine I can still create a fixed text using that

example: combine fixed text which includes [placeholder] in with it

So I was wondering why the “in” cannot be a specific text by default

I think that I know what you are looking for. I guess it is possible.

The answer is in a template name Connie Contract. There is a trick explained how you can fill in these placeholders.

Please search for the flow part “placeholders apply” after you have loaded in the template.

The template Jochem is referring to can be found here:

Instructions to load a template can be found here:

Please let us know if this tip solved your problem!

I’m not asking how to do replaces with placeholders

I’m asking with this replace function


has the following options for its 3 plus buttons

First plus:

Second plus:

Third plus:

see that third plus is missing the specific value button?

I am asking why it is.

This looks like a defect :slight_smile:

A workaround for now is to use a calculation before this action, and just specify a specific text in that calculation (and nothing else).

Then simply use that calculation as the third parameter to the replace function.

Thanks for pointing out the issue to clearly, we will pick it up!