Release notes 2020-01-28

Unsupported functions
In Triggre, we always aim to make things as easy as possible and avoid ways to make mistakes. This release, we have changed something about the functions that can be called in an action. Unsupported functions are now blanked out, instead of them being selectable but not usable.

Specific values
Working with expressions with specific values has also become easier in this release. You can now start an expression with a specific value. Previously, when you wanted to make an expression like “100 / Some number”, you needed to start with Some number and work your way back to 100. Now you can simply start new expressions with a specific value in calculations.

Adding and subtracting with dates and times
We’ve made several changes to what specific values you can add and subtract from dates and times. For example, In the calculation ‘Date & time – …’ you now need to pick a duration as a specific value instead of a date and time.

Unreachable items
When you have created a page that is unreachable from the start, the properties used in the flow part attached to that page are not available. To make sure this does not occur, we have added validation rules to Triggre to catch this situation for you. It will show a red dotted line from start to your page, to alert you.