Webhook Input fields


Another Webhook question: sometimes a webhook has a payload which I need to perform actions in my application, for example:

“userId”: “162762”,
“eventType”: “developing”

How can I use these fields as an input for my webhook?

I tried something like:

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 14.33.23

But this is not structured and not able to parse payload JSON.

Thanks guys!

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Hi @ronald,

The construction that you have created should indeed work. So perhaps double-check:

  1. Have you published before testing the webhook?
  2. Are you certain you are posting to the correct webhook?
  3. Have you correctly specified that the data sent is JSON formatted (the ‘content-type’ header)?

Assuming you have done all these; could you perhaps send me a DM with the instance you are working on? Then we’ll take a look at the logs to see if we may have stepped on a bug here.