Add logo (picture) in Flow part item send e-mail

How can I add a logo (picture) in the Flow part Item Send e-mail (text editor) as a signature of the e-mail.

Hi Roland,
Is this picture going to be different in various emails or will it be the same picture for every email?

Same picture for every email, but signature is different.

Hi Roland,
Currently this is not officialy supported, but… I have a little trick for you.

Make sure the picture is publicly available online. Open the Email editor in Triggre in a tab. Open the picture in another tab. Click and hold on the picture and drag it to the email editor. The picture will be added.

You can add the other signature details by using the placeholder functionality in the email editor.


Nice trick! This is why @Eddie does our weekly Triggre Weekend Masterclass :smile:

What you can also do to make a picture publicly available is to upload it is a picture in the designer. Then you can create a test userflow with all kinds of pictures, which you can reuse in for instance an email.

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