Adding personalized header in the system, Adding a signature to triggre pdf

Dear Tiggre- Team,

Is it possible to include a personalized header at the top of the system?If yes kindly provide instructions on how to do it.

How can I add a signature to the triggre document?


Hi @karobiaannah,

Thanks for reaching out! I have a few ways to achieve something that might suit your case.

If with a personalized header for the application you mean the logo; here’s how to add your own logo to your application: Changing the logo of your application | Triggre Knowledge Base. This cannot be personalized to the user though.

Personalized header
But I can imagine that you mean something else; in which case the other option is to make the page title personalized, to say something like “Welcome, ”. In that case, open the user flow and then open the page that you want to personalize. It should look something like this:

By default, the title is the same as the name you gave your page. But you can change this by clicking it (marked in red in the image). This will open a rule editor that allows you to personalize the title. For example, by changing the predefined text to "Welcome, " and then adding a + sign, and then the Current User / Name. It should look like this:


Signatures in documents
We are actually soon publishing a Triggre Weekend Masterclass video about this on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe to stay on top of our tips & tricks!

Since the signatures in documents video hasn’t been released yet, here’s how to do it, in a few steps:

  1. Add a Signature data property to a data item
  2. Add a User flow using the User flow wizard for that data item (see Using the user flow wizard | Triggre Knowledge Base)
  3. Create a Flow part that creates a document with as input the data item with the signature
  4. Add an Image to the document. This will allow you to select the signature from the input data item.
  5. Use your Flow part in a User flow of your choice, to create the document.

This will allow you to create a signature (by adding a data item that contains the signature property) and then display it in a document.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response,

I have tried the procedure to add a signature. I have added the image and selected the signature in the document but it’s not displaying.
Kindly assist.

Anastasia Karobia

Thank you , It has worked now

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Happy to help and good to hear that it worked!

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