Automation flow

Hey there.

I have 2 small requests.

  1. I was trying to set up an automation so that it’d send an email once a record is added to the data item. I followed the step-by-step instructions given on youtube and it still doesn’t work. I would appreciate a second pair of eyeballs to help to troubleshoot.
  2. How do I email (using a flow part/automation flow) a link to a record upon its creation?
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Hi @olhad,

Thanks for working with Triggre, and for reaching out.

Automatic mail
I have taken a quick look at your application and it seems to be correctly designed, as far as I could quickly see.

However, you are doing one thing which I don’t think will work: you are sending from a address. And I am pretty sure our mail server will not allow that, or the incoming mail server will simply hard-deny delivery.

You can always use to send from, or alternatively, after setting up a custom domain via the settings, use any email address on the custom email domain (this is part of that setup).

Link to record
This is something, if I understand what you mean correctly, that cannot be done. There is no such thing in Triggre where you can send a link to a specific data item. The main reason is that this would be a security breach, in the sense that anyone could then potentially view all data in your application.

But perhaps I don’t fully understand this situation correctly, so feel free to correct my assumption here :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!