Zapier and outbound Gmail with Triggre Automation Flow

Hello all,

I created a Flow Part to send emails with different content based on Product Types which is a Data element in my Triggre application. I added the Flow Part to an Automation Flow that starts with a Data Triggre. When setting up an outbound Zap in Zapier with Triggre as the source and ‘Send email in Gmail’ as the action I found out that I cannot select a Automation Flow as Event but only a Triggre Data Change. I was wondering how you can send emails with different content in that way based on a Product Type as Data Element. Or the other way around, how can I make sure I can select my Triggre Automation Flow in Zapier for an outbound Zap using Gmail. SPF records for my Business Gmail account has been validated.

Thx, Maarten


Hi Maarten,

Good question. Zapier uses data as a startingpoint. So in order to send an email, you can add dataitem “Email” for instance. Once you add a record to data item “Email” then Zapier gets triggered. The source of Zapier will then be Triggre data change , then choose data item “Email” and start when “When the data is added”.

Does this help?

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Hello Jochem,

Thanks for your reply. My Data Change is in fact an order status change, so I didn’t think of creating a new one as you suggest. My idea was when the order status changed (user input) I check for that orderline what the product type is and for that product type I create (dynamic) email content using the Send Email option in the Flow Part. However that won’t work if I not can call the Flow Part in an Automation Flow in Zapier. I still wonder how I would create that (dynamic) email content though if I follow your line of thinking. Do you actually want me to add the actual content as data in that Email data item then?

Hi @maarten,

When you use a Zap you can choose between different events related to your data items. These are the same ones that you have for the data triggre in automation flows:

  1. Item created
  2. Item changed
  3. Item deleted

In Zapier this is how you can choose that, in the Triggre trigger (the starting point of a Zap):

That is the starting point of your Zap. If you want to call an automation flow in your application from a Zap, you will have to add a Triggre action to your Zap. This will allow you to start any automation flow which starts with a Connection triggre. Below is an example of such an action in a Zap:

Now you know how to create communication both ways:

  • Triggre → Zapier - based on changes (add, edit, delete) of data items
  • Zapier → Triggre - start an automation flow that starts with a connection triggre

There is one really important thing you have to know. You have to publish your design in order to use Zapier. Zapier does not connect to the Triggre Designer, it connects to your application. And it can only connect if you have published it.

I hope this helps and you can finish your design!