Connecting Web API to Mailjet


I want to send an email when adding data in Triggre using the Triggre web API and Mailjet API. My problem is that I can’t get it to work with Triggre. I do have Insomnia, where I test if it works, and it does.

I’ve set it up in Triggre with the same authentication, data type, and format. It should be a POST request with JSON, but still no luck.

Here are some screenshots for more context:

If more context is needed, please let me know.

Thank you in advance,

Albert Wemmers

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Hi Albert,
Thank you for the examples. As I see it, it seems you’re missing a [

Hope that this fixes the problem

(see the two marked items at the right)


Hey Eddie,

Thank you for the quick response! That bracket is intended for lists, right? I’m having trouble finding that option. I can only find it in the response but i need it for sending data.

Sent data:


Hi @Albert.wemmers,
As you can read in this post we currently have a defect that doesn’t allow you to send lists.
Please keep an eye on that topic for further information. I will close this topic, as it is about the same thing.