Option to post list from Triggre with webAPI

Hi everyone,
I have a question about the Triggre webAPI,
Currently I have a data item with some properties in it. I want to post this data item as a list using the WebAPI.
How do i post a list of a data item using the Triggre webAPI?

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Hi Thomas,
In this case I’d like to refer to the knowledge base article about WebAPI Connect to a simple web API | Triggre Knowledge Base

You can use “List” instead of “Custom item” to create a list.


In case you need more help, it’s greatly appreciated to also post the request itself you need to make.

Hi @Thomas,
We have an open defect that blocks us from sending data item lists as output. We are actively working on fixing it, and will release that fix ASAP.

I will make sure we take this up in the release notes specifically, and/or post here when it is available.

For now, I hope a small work around is possible in your case.