Web API posting lists gives error

Hi all,
I’ve been working on an API and I have some difficulties with using the post option with a list.

The problem is that I get a 500 error when trying to make it in Triggre, but it’s the same as in postman and in postman it does work.

I have a suspisicion that it has to do with the list i’m using.

Does somebody know what I’m doing wrong here?

Unfortunately you currently can’t retrieve the content of the response when there’s a 500-error. We’ve put this on our backlog to create.

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If you get a 500 error from the other side (not the Triggre side), it is not related to the data you receive.

It is likely the data you send that has a mistake. Can you post what data you send to the other API?

Also please note this post, which ran into a similar problem: https://community.triggre.com/t/json-response-post-api/

Jesse, was right, I was a bit too fast.
Can you send me the name of the sub domain of your application by PersonalMessage, so i can investigate your design?

Hi Lode,

It seems salesInvoiceLines is empty.

In the upcoming weeks we’re going to post a TriggreWeekendMasterClass with a nice trick how to use Zapier to check what you’re actually sending in your message.

To give you a small hint: Create a Raw WebHook in Zapier and change the URL in your application to that WebHook URL. Send the Raw body to yourself via email.


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