Add ‘search’ control to page with 50/50 of 33/66 layout

Dear Triggre-Team,

Currently the default ‘search’ control is only available for pages where there’s an entire data table in on the page. I’ve inspected the page and have seen that these pages have the class ‘has-search’.

We’d like to have the ability in the designer to add these search controls in pages where there’s for example, in the left part a table, and in the right part some details of the selected property on that table. If I’d like to be able to filter the table in the left part of the screen, I now have to create a field in the left part of the page, and under this field the table with a number of table rows. This doesn’t look good on every device and is more of a hassle to build.

It would be awesome to have the possibility to add the search control to these pages, and when designing, have the possibility to choose which table in the layout you’d like to filter (because there can be more table in one page of course).

Thanks in advance!


As described in a different post you made, we are providing more freedom in the page editor in a future release. That will very likely solve this request.

In the meantime, if you check out this video we have on YouTube about making a catalog page, you will be able to make what you want I think.

As a more general solution for your question, please know that when you display data on a page, you can select properties to filter on from other parts of that same page. So for example, you can make a form on the left hand side, and then filter your product list on the right hand side based on the form values. No submits required. This also works with charts etc. They are automatically updated based on the values you select.