Barchart titel per bar

Hi Triggre,

I have a question about the bar-chart titels below the different bars.

In my use case, I want to display two types of data in my chart. The sent price offers and singed price offers, so I can quickly see the monthly results about these offers.

The problem I have is the titel per bar. I can only give one bar a titel and the other bar copies the same name, so now I see that both bars are called ‘send price offers’, instead of ‘send price offers’ and ‘signed price offers’.

How can I display both titels per bar?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Daan,

Thanks for your question. If we can distinguish between different bar title depends on the type of form field. As you gave more information, I can see that you use a true/false field to distinguish between ‘sent price offers’ and ‘signed price offers’

A solution could be to create an extra picklist named “sent price offer” and “signed price offer”. Create an update for signed offer and set to “signed price offer”; the others leave them at “sent price offer”.

The graph will display then an option to choose the picklist from the userflow.
Hence you can show which ones are signed and which ones are offered.

Does this help?

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Hi Jochem,

That works perfectly!

Thanks a lot!