Colors in pie chart


The colors in my pie chart do not correspond to the corresponding information. Is it possible to have the colors correspond to the information I have determined?

i.e. Red should correspond with information: 0: Non Existent and not with yellow.



Hi @Ed1,

Thanks for reaching out. I don’t see anything wrong. The color is displayed first, and then the name of the series.

To make sure, you can click the name/color in the legend, which will toggle displaying it in the chart.

Please let me know if there is still a problem; perhaps I don’t understand the issue completely.

Hi Jesse,

That not what I meant. The color red should correpond with with information: 0: Non Existent and not with yellow. I understand that this is an automated feature, but I want to choose which color must repond with the inforamtion I choose myself. So

  • red with 0: Non Existent
  • yellow with 1. Ad hoc

The users of my application are confused that red is positive instead of bad.



Ah like that. Yes, the colors are assigned automatically, and are based on the order of the content in the pie. The largest one is first, which is why that one is blue.

This feature is on our backlog; to allow changing the colors. The only alternative we could for now consider is to remove red from the set of colors completely (meaning for everyone, every application).

Hi Jesse, thx for your reply. Is there a planning for this feature? In other words. When do you expect it?

Regards, Ed

You’re welcome @Ed1 :slight_smile:

Currently we don’t know when we will plan this feature; since it will likely be after several other features.

Instead, we will see if we can change this default color scheme in an upcoming release, to a more neutral one. Hopefully that will alleviate the problem for now.

UPDATE: I may have a solution after all, though it needs some research. Will get back with a final answer soon.

Hi @Ed1,

There is a setting in our platform that we can use to change the colors; though they will then apply to all your charts.

This setting is not exposed so we can use it, but it will have to be set manually. My advice would be to keep it as close to the current setting as possible, to avoid any unintended consequences. I don’t think we have ever used anything but the default setting :smile:

I will send you a PM with some of the specifics so we can set this up.

Hi Jesse, that would be very nice. Of course I will test it before publishing to MAIN



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