Release notes 2023.8.1

It’s that time again! A new release, with some handy features.

Default number of decimals
The default number of decimals for inputs in flow parts was 6. Since the most used number of decimals is 0, we decided to change this behavior to be the default. So from now on if you add a number as a flow part input, it will by default have 0 decimals.

Underscores in names
From now on, you can use underscores in input names (especially handy for the Web API) and in many other places. This improves compatibility with some Web APIs and Webhooks specifically, which use names such as access_token or redirect_url.

Inconsistency icon in automation flow overview
We now show the red inconsistency icon in the top left corner again, when there is a problem in the automation flow. This had been moved to the bottom right corner due to space issues. When the icon is shown, the automation flow type icon is hidden to make room.

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