Release notes 2020-09-29

Remembering search criteria in the Designer
From now on, whenever you search for something in your Designer, it will remember the search criteria that you’ve used. So, if you search for ‘order’ in your list of flow parts, open a flow part to make a change and then go back, you will still see the list of flow parts that have ‘order’ in the name. So easy.

Link to start of other user flows
Besides pages, flow parts and decisions, it is now also possible to simply link to the start of a user flow from other user flows.

Looooong names
Before, we had a limit of 50 characters on the name of a user in your application. This proofed not enough in some cases, so we have now lifted this restriction. Crazy long names, like this one, will now simply be shortened in the menu.

Data triggre
We have improved the way you set up a data triggre. A new step is added where you will be asked, “Do you want to triggre this automated flow when any property is edited, or when specific properties are edited?”. If you select “specific properties”, you can selected those properties in the next step.

Technical improvements
We have made multiple technical improvements that result in faster applications and increased stability.