Creating your first Triggre application

Video tutorial

1. Designing your data

The first thing to do is designing which data can be stored in your application.

  1. In the top of the designer, click design and then data:
    Designing your data

  2. Then click the add button to add a new data item:
    Add button

  3. A dialog will open where you can type in the name for your data item. For example, Project:
    Data item name

  4. Then click add to add the data item. Now your application can store projects.

  5. The next step is to add properties to your data item. Expand your data item by clicking on it and then click the add property button:
    Add property button

  6. Then choose a property type for the property you want to add and give it a name:
    Property types

2. Making a user flow

After you have created your data item and properties, you can start making a user flow:

  1. Navigate to user flows:
    Go to user flows

  2. Then click the add button and choose add user flow with wizard:
    Add user flow with wizard

  3. Select the option Overview, add, edit and delete data to create a user flow that contains an overview page as well as pages to add, edit and delete data:
    User flow type

  4. Select the data item that you created earlier, for example Project:
    Select data item

  5. Then select which properties of the data item you want to show:
    User flow data item properties

  6. The following steps are dependent on which properties you have selected and relate to how the properties should be shown. After these steps, select which functionality you want in your user flow besides the overview page:
    User flow functionality

  7. The next step is to select a default sorting. You can leave this blank, or pick the property to use for the default sorting of the overview page:
    User flow default sorting

  8. You will then be asked which sorting you want:
    User flow sorting

  9. Lastly, you need to name your user flow. This is the name as it will appear in your application menu:
    User flow name

3. Editing appearance

Now that you have created your user flow, you can add it to the menu. This is done at appearance:

  1. Click appearance in the menu:
    Go to appearance

  2. Go into add mode by clicking the add button in the lower right hand corner:
    Add button

  3. The first thing we need to do now, is to add a section. This is an item in the main menu of your application. Simply click the square add button on the left hand side to start:
    Add section button

  4. In the dialog that is shown, give your section a name. For example Administration.

  5. Now that you have a section, you can add a category to that section. Keeping the section selected, click the square add button on the left side that has appeared:
    Add category

  6. Give your category a name in the dialog that is shown. For example, Projects.

  7. With your newly created category selected, you can now add a user flow to the menu by clicking the add button underneath the category:
    Add user flow to category

  8. In the dialog that is shown, select the user flow you created earlier and add it to the menu.

  9. Exit add mode by clicking the round add button in the lower right hand corner again.

4. Publishing your application

The design is now ready to be published!

  1. Go back to the dashboard:
    Go to publish

  2. Click Go to lab to open your published application in a new tab:
    Go to lab screenshot