Release notes 2020-04-10

Radar chart
One of the big new features in this release is the radar chart, a new chart option in the Designer. The radar chart is ideal for displaying scores and ratings, such as in the chart below, which shows the scores of a hotel on five categories. Go try it out!

Charts in documents
And there is more good chart news! Triggre now also offers charts in documents. And not only the radar chart, you can use all chart types in your documents.

File support in interfaces
It is now possible to use files in interfaces. For example, you can now send an attachment from an e-mail to Triggre, by using Zapier.

Adding new flows and flow parts
We have made a change in how adding flow parts, automation flows and user flows work. Before, when you added a new one using the add button, you got a dialog where you could enter a name for the new flow. You then had to search for it in the list and open it, before you could start designing your flow.

Since chances are high you’d like to start designing your new flow immediately in almost every situation, a new flow will now open immediately when you hit the add button. Just don’t forget to rename it, otherwise your new flows will all be called “new flow part”, “new automation flow” or “new user flow”.

Decimals in data model
From now on, you can see the number of decimals of number properties in the data model, as you can see in the example below.

Wizard sizing and design validation
We have also made some changes that improve the user experience of the Designer. For example, wizard steps can now vary in size. This means you will have more space for writing e-mails in the e-mail action, wizards used on mobile will fit your screen and there is much more space to explain the steps of creating a reference in Data.

Also, we’ve improved our validation tactic to validate designs faster. That means less waiting, more designing!

Besides these awesome new features, we also implemented various general stability and performance improvements.