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Hey everybody,
I need to integrate chat box functionality to my Triggre application. The chat box should be trained via separate documents and connected to the table database, so it can use that data to provide smart replies. I was planning to use and embed it in the application, but unfortunately, it does not read sheets/excel.
What is the best way to implement that function?


Hi @grextra,

Thanks for using Triggre, and for raising this question. If I understand correctly, you want to have a chat box in your application, which should get its data from the application as well.

In Triggre we don’t allow you to embed code, so this part will not work within Triggre natively. The reason for this is that we keep Triggre 100% no-code. This includes HTML embeds, and similar code injections. By doing so, we can guarantee our platform to work when we have new versions and your application not to break when we update it.

Using a web API
That being said, if Retune has an API that allows you to send a message, and receive the answer, you can use the Web API feature to build it into Triggre.

Documents for Retune
While Retune may not accept sheets, perhaps you can create a document in Triggre, with all the information from your data items and send that document over the API so Retune can learn the contents.

Small disclaimer; I wasn’t able to find any API information on Retune, I am assuming they have some form of RestAPI or Web API available.

I hope I understood your question correctly and that this helps.

Thank you. What do you think about using GPT 4 via API instead? Could it be a better solution?

Hi @grextra,

In general I think OpenAI has the stronger model as well as a very extensive API.

They recently moved from their completions API to the Chat completions API, which I think should fit your case.

That API can be found here: OpenAI Platform

It takes a history of messages, to build context for the conversation.

To use a trained model that uses your own data, please check out this post: GPT-3.5 Turbo fine-tuning and API updates

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Thank Jesse! Is it possible to than use live google sheet data as a context and data for the conversation? Google sheet data is updated on a daily base.

Yes that is possible. You can use Zapier for this (the easiest way, I recommend this for the first version).

Alternatively you can create a webhook automation flow in Triggre and, after publishing your application, set up the webhook in Google sheets. Here’s how to get started with that:

Hi, some changes regarding this. We would need to use Triggre database as a context for data. Is that possible?

Hi @grextra,

Yes that should be possible. It is easy to structure the data in Triggre in the same way that OpenAI would expect it.

Then you can send a list of those messages (from you Triggre data item) as the context for the conversation.

Check out our articles on connecting services with the Web API:

  1. Connect to a simple web API | Triggre Knowledge Base
  2. How to create an incoming Web API | Triggre Knowledge Base

Hi, we have experience mixing structured data from the date models with A.I. to interpret and generate human-like conversations.

I you would like, we can give you an insight on how we set that up.