Error Adding Table to a Document

I have encountered an error when creating a document and I am not sure with the issue is. I am creating a lab request for a list of tests. I want to order the tests alphabetically using their names. This is the error I am seeing and cant seem to figure it out:

Anyone encountered this error before?

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Hi @isaac,

Normally you should not be seeing errors in this way. It means that there is a defect in our platform where a certain check is done in the backend but not in the frontend. Please send me a DM with the design and steps to reproduce this message.

What I think you are doing in some step in the wizard, when adding the table to the document, is trying to use a column name that isn’t supported. For example, starting with a number.

Try to add the table without renaming the columns or renaming them to allowed texts.

Hope this helps, and if you send me the details, we will pick up this defect with the R&D team.

You are right. I was trying to make the column name more descriptive by adding the currency symbol in brackets😁

When I removed them it worked✅


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Glad it helped! You can use EUR or USD for example, this works well when you want to show the currency in a column name. We actually do exactly this in My Triggre too :slight_smile: