Sort table without adding attribute to the table

Hi, I’m trying to figure out a way to sort my tables without adding the attribute to the table, because I don’t want the user to see an attribute where the articles are sorted by.

In a ideal scenario I would like to add a number to each article and sort them from low to high so I have complete control of de article order.

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Hi Daan,
Triggre works based on the “What you see is what you get”-principle. That means that you can only sort on properties which are shown in the table itself. If the property isn’t available in the table, you’re not able to sort on it.

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Alright, then I’ll just add the attribute to the table. Thanks for the quick reply.

Hi Daan,

Thanks for asking this question. We recently discussed exactly this with a few other customers too.

As a result of that discussion we decided to put some more priority on this feature. While I cannot say when we can release it, it is now higher on our list, and will be implemented.