Identifying my Triggre app's IP address

Hello all!

I have a quick question regarding IP addresses, whitelisting and API integrations.

I am working to finalise an integration for a client, who requires their Triggre app to send API calls to an external service (Boomi), via an automation flow (triggered by database changes).

The issue here is that the triggre api calls seems to timeout. We found out (via testing on postman and my whitelisted home address) that the external service operates on IP whitelisting (i.e. only whitelisted IP addresses can send API calls to it).

Therefore, we need the IP address for the specific Triggre, which will be whitelisted on the Boomi service.

Is this possible?

Appreciate the help in advance.

Hi Stanley,
Thanks for your message. You can retrieve your application’s IP by executing a ping request (How to Use the Ping Command to Test Your Network) to your designers URL (for instance

Please keep in mind that we sometimes move an application within our network which might cause an IP-change.


Thanks for the quick response and help. All sorted out now.

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