Importing data into Triggre

Best community,

When i try to import data through an Excel import file for some data items i get the following message, which result in a failed import:


I am wondering what the system flags as a so-called ‘ID Column’. Since i don’t know which columns this are.
I’m looking forward in hearing from you.


The excel import function has two options: allow or do not allow duplicates. If you choose “do not allow duplicates” that means that you have choose which ID is your unique reference. To choose your unique ID fairly easy. Pick a column in your excel file and add “[ID]”. IF you saved your excel, then you can import that file.

Yes i did see that. But i did the following and still got the error:

  1. Set ‘No duplicates allowed’ = TRUE in the userflow
  2. Create an Excel file which imports ‘Product’ data items
  3. Set column with feature ‘Name’ to –> ‘Name[ID]’ to make sure it checks for duplicate products with the same name (this is not allowed)
  4. Importing the Excel gives me the error: Data item ‘Product’ has more than one ID column.

So it seems that i do need to define extra specific columns as [ID] columns, but i do not know which ones.

Another error:

Which property is it referring to? Which one is required?


This one gave me a bit of a headache :slightly_smiling_face:

Firstly, to quickly address “So it seems that i do need to define extra specific columns as [ID] columns, but i do not know which ones.”: The [ID] is something you pick in Excel. It can be any property from your data item with unique values and you can always have at most one column marked as [ID] in your Excel-file. You can’t do anything wrong there (as long as you pick one column with unique values).

Now, regarding the Excel-file you imported. I retrieved it so I could have a look at it and some really weird stuff is going on in there. For some reason, there is a lot more in there than I’m seeing and I have no clue why (maybe you know). On the Product-tab, columns A through K are filled with data you entered. However, even though I don’t see it, Excel also seems to think there is something in columns L through R as well, which would make sense with the error in Triggre from you last screenshot. The same goes for a lot of the rows. When I deleted columns L through R and most of the rows and tried to import the file (on my test environment), it imported just fine. So that would solve the immediate problem I think.

I’ve never seen this before. We will need to build some logic that ignores data that isn’t there, but at the same time Excel seems to think is there.

I had the same once. In the column Email there were empty cells, but Triggre gaver errors. So I sorted on the column, filled an emtpy field with an X and cleared the cell again. Then I copied that clear value to the other ’empty’ cells.

After that the import went ok.