Make it possible to create dynamic activation mails

The activation mail that Triggre provides is a standard one. I know that Triggre can (and will) change the text in that mail according to our wishes. That’s great.

Our users can have different roles and/or functions. Some of them are members of our organisation, others are clients.
It would be very helpful for us and them when we could send them activation mails that are tailored to their role or other property.

Therefor I would really like it, when I were able to define the text in the activation mail myself, depending on one or more data properties (the User role or function, for instance).

For our clients, the activation mail is the first message they get from the Triggre system. I would like to be able to make that message as trustworthy as possible by using tailored texts and placeholders to the maximum extend.


Thank you for your suggestion. What a lot of our customers do, you probably included, is direct the e-mail to their customers/clients, with it not being a huge deal if a member of their own organisation receives an e-mail not worded for them.

However, I imagine that it can be useful to provide the members of your organisation with for example additional information in the e-mail, or if you have different types of clients, you want to send them different activation mails. We will add this to the list of ideas and see if we can include it in the future.