New User shown “Out of the Way”. What is the correct thing to do?

Hi Support,

I could have made mistakes in steps between Data, Design, Publish etc.
Was shown message “Out of the way”
Somehow you navigated to the page which discovery doesn’t expect.
Please get back to proceed with discovery.

I exited, sign in again as ID and password is saved.
Once in the system, was shown the above message again.

Grateful that your support, Emma, Don etc has been encouraging. But until now it is not been Reset, means I still cannot get in.

Please help.

David Yee

Hi David,
Thank you for your post. We’re already looking into the issue and we’ll get back to you as soon as it’s fixed.

Hi @davidyee100,

It may help to stop the exercise by clicking the Triggre logo button in the bottom right corner.

Then, start a different exercise (this should reset the state of your bugged exercise). You can stop this one too, and then try the original one again.

As @Eddie said, we are looking into it; hopefully this workaround helps.

Hi Jesse, Edddie and people, thank you for resetting it so I can start the trail again.
Can you kindly give me steps so I can import data from my airtable and quickly do up the create, edit, dele, pages(form). and
steps to do up the flow design so I can quickly try out your visual workflow(which I like). then get into beggining and endingofg an APP.

Because I find difficult to follow your training and I tried to load the template and yet I cannot see the template flow.

Thank you,
David Yee

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Hi David, shall we connect via video call to get you up and running? I will send you my Calendly link to book a meeting via PM or mail.

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