I can't access the Main side of my application

I’m facing problems accusing the main side of my application by default, It keeps on telling me E-mail and or password incorrect. I have my email and password saved on my browser, so it’s strange that I’m getting this error.

I have also tried to do it manually it did not work copy and past my information, and it also didn’t work. I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong or what I am required to do.

If anyone has an idea, please help.

Hi Brendo,
On the main environment only the owner has an account by default. The person who created an account can login using his TriggreID and can create an account for you.

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@brendo Can you tell me the URL of the application, so I can look more into to be sure?

Hi Eddie thanks for the response, the problem has been resolved, the owner added me to the main.

But just out of curiosity I saw on another community post of last year, where this topic was discussed that you guys were going to make the Main login a default as on the Lab, was there a reason it stayed the same?

Great that it’s solved.
Just to be sure: To which exact post are you referring?

Hi brendo,
Thank you for the referral. You are absolutely right, we currently haven’t enabled TriggreID on MAIN yet. I’ll look into that.

Turning TriggreID on/off in MyTriggre hasn’t been implemented yet, because it get pushed down by some other features which received a higher priority. Maybe your post will bump this priority a little bit again.


Thanks Eddie, for the information.