Getting access to main application

Hi, just created a nice application in Lab. All works well, time to publish to Main.

Now, on Main, I am not able to login, for I don’t think there are any user in that application. Not sure though, because I can’t sign in myself with a Triggre ID…

What am I missing here?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Ronald,
Only the owner of the application is added to the MAIN environment automatically. However, when you’re added to the environment later on, you don’t have access automatically and this needs to be configured manually.

Can you let me know which environment you want to access on main, so I can help you with this.

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Thanks for the help Eddie, it works!

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As a general note; we have discussed it with the team and we will make a few changes soon to make this easier.

First of all, every Main environment will have Triggre ID logins enabled by default (this is currently only the case for Lab environments).

We will be adding a feature to My Triggre ( to manage the login methods. This means the owner of an application will be able to turn on/off the possibility to log in using Triggre ID for both Lab and Main.