Referenced data not visible on page

Hi there,

Thank you for the support so far. I am now facing the next challenge.

In data I have a.o. 2 tables (user and medewerkers) and they are referenced to each other.

On the one page I can get all the data from user and not the reference table medewerkers and on the other page it is the other way around.

How can I make a table on a page that shows me information from both tables instead from one or the other?

Many thanks again.

Hi @g.tinnetje,

This is probably due to the reference being a list on one side.

So if one user can be related to multiple medewerker then you cannot reference individual properties of medewerker from user.

Hope my assumption is correct and helps you, otherwise please let me know.

Hi Jesse,

User and medewerkers have a one-to-one connection. However the table medewerkers does have a one-to-many connection with another table. But the checkbox from the property with the one-to-many connection is unchecked when creating the page. Can this be the problem here?

Hi @g.tinnetje,

I have tried to replicate your situation:

You are probably using the wizard to then generate a user flow (this is an assumption on my side):


Indeed, in the wizard you cannot expand the properties of User, even though it is a 1-1 relation. If this is what you meant, you are correct.

You can however then add the fields in the resulting user flow, for example on the overview page:


Does this answer your question?