Send users with no account a reminder

Hello Support,
I am trying to create a flow part that sends reminders to users with an account activation link who have not yet created an account.

An easy way to do this would have been to look up all users where the login method is No, but this is not possible. Is there another way to accomplish this?

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Hi @brendo,

Here’s a solution that might help. First of all, I think you cannot look up any users that have not activated their account yet, which is likely why you are running into this issue.

What I would suggest you do:

  1. Create a data item User registration
  2. Add a pick list to it called Status with the values New, Reminder sent, Registered and Removed
  3. Add a reference from User that you name Registration on the User side (and simply User in the User registration item)
  4. Add an email field, named Email
  5. Add a date/time property Created

Then, modify your registration process:

  1. Upon registration create a new User registration with status New, Created set to now and their email address

Finally make an automation flow:

  1. Run every 4 hours for example
  2. Find all User registration items that are in status New
  3. For each registration, try to find the User based on their registration email. If found, mark the registration as Registered. If not found, mark as Reminder sent and send a reminder email.

Please note that you don’t have access to the registration email though. But I think this process should work (we actually use a similar one in My Triggre) :slight_smile:

Hi @Jesse ,
Thanks for the quick responses, I have been trying to follow the steps as described but the “Modify your registration process” step is not yet clear to me, could you maybe expand more on that step.

Thanks in advance

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Of course. It depends on how you add users to your application. The idea is to change that process to also create a User registration for the same email address.

If you use the generated user flow for user management, you can simply edit that and the Create User registration flow part befor the Create User flow part.

Hope that is clear and is correct for how you add users.