Triggre Back-Up

Best Support,

After reading the whitepaper of Triggre a question came up in my mind. I wanted to know something more about the possibilities of making a back-up from the data that is in our Triggre application (in case of a roll-back scenario). I read the following in the whitepaper:

‘With due regard for the state of the technology and costs Triggre will take suitable measures to protect the Data. Triggre makes a daily back-up of the Data.’

Could you tell something more about how this data can me made available. And for example, if we need to do a roll-back of the data in our application how this process would go? Also, is it possible for us as creators to create and store our own back-ups of the data since some organizations might demand this.

Looking forward in hearing from you!

Hi Frenck,

Thanks for reaching out! Currently we manage the backups for our users. That means that in case you need a rollback, you can ask us for one and we will perform the rollback. Free of charge, as long as you don’t need us to one too many times :slightly_smiling_face:

We have plans to provide more extensive versioning including backups in a future release, so you will be indeed able to manage this without our help.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for clearing that up! Hopefully we do not have to make use of this feature a lot.