Database Encryption

Best Support,

While reading the whitepaper of Triggre, i read the following:

‘The application database can completely be encrypted to provide the maximum protection for sensitive data.’

Could you elaborate a bit more about this? How will this be achieved, which techniques will be used and how can this be guaranteed?
Please let me know

Hey Frenck,

Yes this is indeed possible. The reason we don’t go into too much detail is because encrypted databases are costly. Triggre uses Microsoft SQL Server technology for the database and the simple fact is that the version of SQL Server that supports encryption is the most expensive one.

So while Triggre technically is perfectly capable of using an encrypted database, this is overkill for most users. Instead, we can guarantee you that we have our own security in order, some more specifics on that you can read in the same document.

So if there is an application that absolutely requires database encryption, it’s good to know Triggre can. Practically speaking, we see that for many such applications, it is also possible to simply make the records anonymous by linking them to a unique ID. Then making sure that this ID can only be linked to personal data outside of the Triggre application (for example, a different Triggre application).

Hope this provides you with some insights into the possibilities!

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your response! Good to hear this, sounds like everything is safe and secure :slightly_smiling_face: