Add a new button type: submit selected record

Situation: a screen with two sections (left: whole block, right: stacked).

The stacked part contains form fields and detail fields, based on the selected record in the block.

What I want to do: submit those fields.

Problem: there is no button for “Submit form fields to selected item in the block”.

If I select: Submit the form fields……

Then I cannot select the data to update…

Request: create a button type for this situation.

I know there is a work around: create a second page, based on the selected item. But that’s not what I want…


If I understand your question correct you have a page with both a table and form fields. You would like to submit both the form fields as the selected item in the table. Unfortunately that’s currently not possible. A solution would be to divide it into two page as you already suggested.

Another solution is to show a form field with a data-item instead of a table. That form field can be submitted together with your other form fields. You can even show data in the other form fields based on the item you selected in the data-item form field.

I hope this additional solution can help you