Country –> City form field query

Best Community,

One of our applications we’ve built contains a CRM module.
Within this module users can manage their customer relations, and therefore they need to insert their relations.
Of course we also want to document the address of a specific relation, so they need to fill in the Country & Place (city/village).

Since there are millions of cities in the world, the ‘Cities’ table will be huge.
We already did some testing after importing a lot of places, and we find out that it even takes up to 15 seconds sometimes to load all cities when opening a drop-down form field.
This is not weird of course, since you are loading thousands of records, but it is not very user-friendly.

Therefore we were wondering if some of you have found a different (better) approach to this, so that users do not have to wait half a minute before they can select a city on a form.
I suppose we are not the only one who will experience this issue, since address information is used in a lot of applications.

Let me know if you have a more user-friendly solution for this :grinning:


The solution for this issue is to filter the selection as much as possible. So first selecting a country will help, since you can only show cities within that country. In the US you’d still have a lot of cities left, so an additional filter on State would help there as well.

Could that help solve this situation?

Thanks for your response!
It seemed that through an import error we had some performance issues on our instance.

Currently it is working at the speed of light again :grinning: