Default flow parts

Is it possible to hide the triggre own flow-parts.
The default buttons are always visible in the overview of the flow parts.
We don’t always need these ourselves, so we might hide them to make them visible on request, or put them in a separate list.
Then we get a better overview of the self-made flow parts.

Hi @leo.debie,

We have an idea on our backlog to categorize the flow parts into 2 categories: Custom and Built-in.

The custom flow parts would be the first category, so they appear at the top of the list always (since you are likely looking for these).

The reason we feel this is a better solution than hiding the built-in flow parts:

  1. No buttons are needed. Every button we add the the designer increases its complexity, which is the opposite of our goal. Therefore we are extremely cautious about adding buttons to show/hide things for example.

  2. You cannot forget that the built-in flow parts exist (especially handy for novice users of the platform).

I will see if we can push this feature to an upcoming release. Thanks for sharing your feature idea!