Missing List structure for building an API request


I encountered another issue while working on a direct ChatGPT API request for chat completion. According to the ChatGPT API documentation, the request should have the following parameter structure:

As you can see the messages parameter is defined as a library or list. I started to enter the following

but when I want to define the messages list parameter I do not get the list option. I only get the “custom item” option

I still think it may work for an initial call but it will not allow me to make a chat.

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Hi @sven.brossi,

You need to have a list of data items to send a list. So choose Property from flow part and select a list of data items.

This feature is however currently only available in beta if I am not mistaken. It should be released this week or the next.

Hi @Jesse,

Thank you, in this case, I will wait until the functionality is available. I was confused as I could not add a list item in the input of the user flow and I also did not understand what would be the best type of entry field for a list item in the user flow.

Many thanks for your support.

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Hi @sven.brossi,

It’s your lucky day! :slight_smile: We just released the feature that you have been waiting for, and to make absolutely sure you know that it works, I decided to use your case in the demo video.

Have fun implementing ChatGPT and other complex APIs!

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