Newby question, Able to make use of URL parameters?

Hello Support, i did a quick search trough the resources. but could not get a hit quickly.

But i would like to initiate a page with specific information loaded, from a URL :

but is it possible to make use of URL parameters?
Where the product=1234 is used to display a page with content linked to the 1234 value ?


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Hi Roland,
Unfortunately it’s not possible to use properties in a URL to redirect to a specific item/page in your Triggre application. You can only redirect to the main page or a specific page and go from there.

What might work in certain situation is that you redirect to the main URL (so not a specific page, but a part before that). Then the user would start at the starting point of the user flow. Then add a flow part which retrieves for instance the latest invoice to show that.

Below is an example of what I mean:
Option 1: goes to the start of the userflow (blue boxed part of the URL)
Option 2: goes to a specific page of the user flow (blue boxed part, red part is added to it)

At Option 1 it also executes flow part “Get latest quotation”, while at option 2 Triggre doesn’t do that.