Production data in Acceptance environment

Best Community,

Currently we have an application in our Production environment which is used by one of our customers.
Since we are still doing development on the application and building new modules we are publishing that to our Acceptance (Lab) environment.
The problem is, that if we want to test it we have no data in there from production.

Is there a way to export/import all the data from Production to Acceptance environment? I know it is possible through regular excel files, but this will take a lot of time since now we have quite a data model. If you have a better solution, let me know!


We purposely do not offer this option, for 2 reasons:

  1. Prevent accidentally sending information to customers from a test environment

  2. It is not considered GDPR friendly to use live data in a test environment (if it contains personal information)

So for now I would consider using the Excel option or creating test data manually (which we would consider the best option).