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Hello all!

I would like to relocate a button to a place in a colum ( see screen shot )

This will make submitting the form more intuitive!

My first thought was to create a text part under the form with a hyperlink to trigger the submit action/endpoint of the form, but I couldn’t get it working. Can this be done?

Second, we are using a custom CSS sheet, but I am not yet experienced enough to know if this is an approach that could work. If it is, could you point me in the right direction?



Hi @niels.deboer,

At this time this is not yet possible. It is however part of a complete rewrite of the frontend technology of our platform that we are planning. That is a huge undertaking and as such will take quite some time to design and implement.

For now, the only option you have is to have the buttons placed at the top (like in your current custom design) or at the bottom (with the standard design or custom designs that have a similar placement).

Doing this for one button is also not doable with CSS due to the HTML structure (it is not in a place where you can easily move it relative to the form you are referring to).

Thanks @Jesse !

Too bad this is not yet possible :cry: ,
Regarding my first suggestion, is it not possible to somehow triggre the submit via hyperlink?

While typing this, another question/suggestion bubbles up:
Can I somehow target just one button with CSS and align it to the right side of the screen?

Will try something :slight_smile:

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Hi @niels.deboer,

We fully agree that it’s a shame; this (and MANY related improvements) have our full attention.

To give some extra perspective; we never just quickly hack a feature into our platform. So this change is part of an elaborate redesign of the options in Triggre fir customizing the look and feel and pages in your applications.

That being said, you can target the button with CSS. The body tag has a page specific class, and then you can target the button in the context bar by index using the nth-child notation. Take into account that hidden buttons (due to rules) are also counted; which means the index is always the same number, regardless of which buttons are shown at any given time.

Caution: we don’t support making changes in CSS fully, so with new releases make sure to check your custom CSS.

Thanks @jesse,

Will try some with the CSS and great suggestion and heads-up about using the nth-child element!
Have a great weekend!
Greets Niels

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So far so good!

Only challenge now is to make it page specific :slight_smile: any suggestions there?

Hi @niels.deboer,

There should be a CSS class on either the HTML or BODY tag that is page specific.

So that means you can just add that class to the CSS matching rule as the first item to match.

Thanks again for the fast response!

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