Roles and permissions for application templates

Your template comes without Roles and Permissions, to make sure you can access the template after loading it for the first time. However, several templates require Roles and Permissions to use all functionality in the best possible way.

How to add Roles and Permissions

Adding Roles and Permissions to your template is easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. Load the template you wish to use from the Triggre Designer.
    Load template

  2. Publish your template for the first time without Roles and Permissions. Triggre will then automatically give all permissions to your user account. Go back to the dashboard in your Triggre Designer and go to Publish. Click on Lab and Publishing will start right away.
    Publish template

  3. Now we have made sure you can access all functionality of the template yourself, we can add Roles and Permissions.

  4. Go to Design / User Flows.
    Go to User Flows

  5. Now click Add button.

  6. Select Add user flow with wizard.

  7. Select Roles and Permission and click Next.

  8. Insert a name for this user flow, for example ‘Roles and Permissions’.
    User Flow name

  9. Go to Appearance.
    Go to Appearance

  10. Select a Section.

  11. Select a Category.

  12. Click on the Add button in the bottom right corner.

  13. Now click on the Add button in the menu.

  14. Select the Roles and Permission user flow and click Add.

  15. Click on the Add mode button in the bottom right corner to close and continue.
    Add button

  16. Go back to the dashboard and select Publish to publish your template.
    Go to Publish

Now your template contains Roles and Permissions. You can find more information about the roles you can add to a specific template at the Welcome page of every published template.