Connect SOAP API with certificate

Can I connect a SOAP interface without username and password, just with a certificate?

Hi Alex,
It’s not entirely clear if you want to interface TO or FROM a Triggre application. So I’ll answer both cases.

In both cases:
We always use the certificate linked to the application to make sure the interface is secured. It’s not possible to add a seperate certificate to the interface alone.

Connecting FROM Triggre to another application:
Username and passwords are optional. So feel free to leave them empty.

Connecting TO Triggre from another aplication:
You need the username and password that Triggre provides. You can find these via My Triggre Finding your connection credentials | Triggre Knowledge Base

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Hi Eddie!

Thanks for your quick reply.

So what I’ll need to do is create a SOAP interface with a third party from Triggre, and the authentication is done by a certificate supplied by this third party.

Is that possible?

Hi Alex,
I assume that this certificate is generated by themselves and doesn’t comply to the normal certificate tree? That’s unfortunately not possible.

If they would use a normal certificate linked to their domain it would be fine.