Import (in order to update records) Excel sheets with [ID] based on Secquence

I use the Sequence field for identifying records (generating article ##).

Sometimes it is handy to export data, manipulate them in Excel and then import them again.

The problem is that Triggre generates an error message (Property ‘Sequence’ for data item ‘Test’ is a sequence and cannot be specified in TML), so I can’t use this.

The only way around this problem I can think of, is copying the value in the secquence field to a number field and use that instead.

Is there a smarter way?


You are right that you cannot import a sequence in an export, because this is autogenerated number. The only option I know is the one that you described.

It is not the answer you maybe hoped for, but it is the easiest and quickest way to get around this. So, no there isn’t a smarter way.

So, in sum:

  1. Create another number (or text field)

  2. Create flowpart with repeat action to update all sequence number to the new number field

  3. Import with new number field

(4. Create an automation flow which automatically updates the new number field for every new generated number in your sequence.)