Is it possible to have your own password property?

Case: As a user I want to register to the website/application

Problem: There is no password property to fill in the password safely. I don’t want to use “Any text” as a password property

Hi @bmiddelijn,

First of all, we don’t offer password, because security needs to be built in. Having you as a creator being responsible for security, is a risk. There are constant updates when it comes to security that we roll out in the Triggre platform.

That being said, I am not 100% certain I understand the problem, because you shouldn’t need a password field. Let me explain how you can build registration, and also how to create a profile page (where users can change their password).

User registration
You can build a page with an email address and name input, which when submitted, calls the Create User flow part. This will send an activation mail to the mail address, and when the user clicks that email they can set a password.

Make sure that you give public access to your registration page by allowing Unregistered users to access the page. You do this in your published application, through the Roles and permissions user flow you can create by using the user flow wizard.

To create a user profile where a user can change their password, simply create a user flow using the wizard. Choose the Profile template, which will include a Change password item on the page. After you have created this profile user flow, you can make changes to it as you see fit.

I hope this provides you a good solution!